An interplay between order and chaos.

Seed, the art space
Videographer: Terry Tan De Hao
Photographer: vernon wong
STILL alludes to a state of balance, where the continuous interplay between order and chaos produces creativity and transformation.

Continuing his artistic explorations of porcelain clay with various materials, Lim’s current series is focused on paper fabrics as the transient support of the coloured slip before firing. Each crease retains the imprints of the materials’ delicate textures while embedding in their overlapping folds the artists’ spontaneous and free-flowing gestures.  

This artistic process is inspired by the Chinese Philosopher Lao Zi’s teaching: Water is doing nothing (wu wei 无为), yet supports all things;  Water takes any shape;  Still(jing静)Water clears itself from sediments, Moved(dong动)Water creates turbidity. For Lim, the process of creating ceramic works becomes a state of mindfulness and meditation.

The STILL series is remarkable for its explorations of colour, geometric forms, and firing temperatures, embodying Lim’s process of “spontaneous order” or the ability to create harmony from randomness through his mastery of material and process.