Dilemma Relationship

Can we control the environment we live in?

Dilemma Relationship
Artsembly, Esplanade
My work show the dilemma relationship between the materials that I use, metal wire as a by-product from Industrial revolution (IR) vs the clay as the most ancient material since the human mankind.  

My research into the making of the metal wire gains me knowledge that every process of the wire making involve using of the machine; from melting the metal into threads of the wire and netting them into the mesh that is being use as an end product.

With the development of industrial revolution, many handcrafts industry were exterminated. Ceramics industries were greatly affected by this change of development. With the convenience of machine, many mass production ceramics factories slowly replaced the hand made ceramics artist and craftsman.

With the combination of this two unconnected material, I deliberately combine them together with the clay encompassed the metal. Can an ancient material enclose a material that starts a movement that replacing it? 

During the early stage of the experiment, due to the high temperature of the firing, the porcelain and metal structure always collapses beyond my control. The metal that wrap around by porcelain slip always melt and forcefully trying to break out from within creating the fascinating cracks on the surface of the artwork. From these experiments and after numerous tests, I understand more about the technical aspect of the materials that I used, I manage to control the shape of structure and the thickness of the porcelain slip to get the affect of my wants.

IR changes every aspect of our life; from the way, we consume, live and work. We continue to live in the era where IR continues to evolve in this 21 century. Using it as a metaphor, I question can we always control the environment we live in? If not, will we melt and collapse the structure of the work represented?
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