Construction of Memories

A reflection of past memories.

Construction of Memories
Videographer: 阿男
Photographer: Kun-Lung Tsai
‘Construction of Memories’ is a reflection of my past memories that I can consciously remember. It is a ride that brings me back to my past and allows me to re- discover where all those significant events that had happened to me. In making this body of work, I try to turn each of these memories into an individual structure. I construct and arrange them into a big matrix of an interconnected structure to express a recollection of my memories.

In different stages of my life, every event plays an important part of my existence to form what I am today. If any of these memories were being extracted out, I wouldn’t be what I am now.  I want to use the work as a metaphor to show how intricate and uncertainty life is and the challenges I face each day. Each and every piece of the work plays an important part to support the form. Just like the structure I constructed, if any of the pieces is omitted, the form of the whole structure will be different.